Telos ID Identity Infrastructure

Infrastructure management covering network security to global support.

Telos ID’s Identity Integrity Center (I2C) identifies threats and mitigates identity theft. Our Technology Support Center (TSC) offers fully integrated managed services and end-to-end logistics support around the world.

24x7 monitoring

NIST certified

ISO 20000 compliant

FedRAMP certified

Technical Support Center

Round-the-clock customer service, deployment, and logistics backed by advanced tools and technologies

Telos ID’s Technology Support Center (TSC) offers an ISO 20000-compliant, fully integrated managed service supported by SaaS and cloud technologies

  • 24×7 customer Tier I, II, and III support
  • FedRAMP-certified cloud-based service management
  • 400+ established OEM partnerships
  • Asset management solutions
Identity Integrity Center

Assuring and protecting against threats to the identity supply chain

Telos ID’s Identity Integrity Center (I2C) provides a common operational picture across cloud, SaaS, and on-premises critical infrastructure environments to identify threats to the identity supply chain

  • 24×7 monitoring
  • Supporting 9,000+ endpoints
  • Proprietary tools aligned with DHS requirements
  • Infrastructure NIST RMF certified

The on-line delivery system is superb. We were able to streamline our existing processes for requesting and receiving criminal history reports from over two weeks to less than 24 hours in most cases.

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