Telos ID’s MobileAssure secure Level 2 fingerprint collection and submission system is certified by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and complies with both state and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) regulations and standards. We are listed among AHCA Live Scan Device Vendors and Service Providers who have voluntarily chosen to have their equipment and electronic fingerprint data submission systems evaluated to verify compliance with both state and federal standards.

Time is of the essence
MobileAssure products and technologies from Telos ID can significantly reduce the time it takes to do many of the identity management processes you’re already doing or planning to do.

As an approved FDLE Service and Live Scan provider, the MobileAssure fingerprinting solution offers agencies the ability to submit applicants for FDLE fingerprint background checks. Our solution includes a convenient Live Scan device that is used in combination with a PC to capture an applicant’s fingerprints and our MobileAssure Capture software that is used for collecting applicant demographic and fingerprint data, and for submission of records for criminal history background checks.