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IDVetting: Fingerprint background checks with access to FBI criminal history.

IDVetting - Fingerprint background checks

IDVetting is Telos ID’s comprehensive managed service for fingerprint background checks.


We directly submit electronic biometric fingerprints to the FBI to compare with Identity History Summary Checks with fast (less than 24 hours) electronic response for customers who have authorized access under federal statutes.

Quick and easy enrollment with less than 24-hour turnaround time

Highest level of security to protect applicant privacy – FBI approved

Inexpensive and flexible — use only the services and functionality you need

Protect your organization from high-risk individuals

ID Enrollment Services

Simple, Fast, and Secure Enrollment Services

IDVetting provides governments, schools, medical professionals, and commercial organizations with a complete fingerprint background checking solution for employees, candidates, and/or contractors in order to secure their business environment, reduce risk and cost, and comply with federal, state, and local laws.

Individual Background Checks

Easily Access Your Personal FBI Records

Telos ID can help you access and review any criminal records on file as part of your Identity History by directly submitting your fingerprints to the FBI. We help thousands of individuals request their records for personal review or to satisfy an application requirement.

Employer Background Checks

Find the Right Candidate for Your Organization

Telos ID helps organizations across governments, industries, and commercial enterprises screen potential employees as an authorized FBI Channeler. We deliver a broad portfolio of background investigations to give organizations confidence when screening and hiring.

FBI Channeling Service

Check Records Rapidly with Electronic Transmission

As an approved channeling service, IDVetting enables expedited evaluation and processing of fingerprints by submitting electronic records directly to the FBI via our secure web portal.

Enrollment Across Industries

Providing Confidence and Assurance to Every Hiring Decision

Government agencies and commercial clients of all shapes and sizes need to know who they’re hiring or giving authorized access to in order to remain secure and in compliance. For many organizations, background screening for all employees, candidates, and/or contractors is essential.

FDLE Fingerprint Solution

Fingerprint Collection Certified by Florida Law Enforcement

As an approved service and Live Scan provider to Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Telos ID’s MobileAssure fingerprinting collection and submission system offers agencies the ability to submit applicants for both state and FBI background checks.

The on-line delivery system is superb. We were able to streamline our existing processes for requesting and receiving criminal history reports from over two weeks to less than 24 hours in most cases.

Organizations: Learn how IDVetting can protect your government agency or business

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