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Identity and Biographic Applications

Cloud platform solutions delivered across AWS, ServiceNow, Splunk and NIST 800-53 certified SaaS environments.

Multi-platform support

NIST 800-53/63 Certified

Android and iOS mobile applications

All-in-one mobile kit solutions

Why Telos ID

Multi-Verification Solutions

The solutions are NIST SP 800-63 certified and use knowledge-based verification and biometric matching techniques. Our fingerprint matching capabilities leverage government-certified and proven technology that has matched billions of traveler images within the U.S.

  • Identity Verification
  • Biographic Capture
  • Fingerprint Capture and Match Verification
  • Identity Document Verification and Match

The on-line delivery system is superb. We were able to streamline our existing processes for requesting and receiving criminal history reports from over two weeks to less than 24 hours in most cases.

Organizations: Learn how IDVetting can protect your government agency or business

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