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Telos ID Aviation Channeling Services (ACS) was the first third-party channeling service to be approved for operation by the TSA. The introduction of competition has led to innovative capabilities and customer-friendly support in the provision of ACS services, with Telos ID establishing the standard for excellence.

Telos ID ACS is a modular, web-based offering that lets airports and air carriers select which services they need. Telos ID tailors the secure web portal to your needs, allowing you to perform multiple functions on one platform:

Support for multiple fingerprint formats. The Telos ID ACS platform successfully channels fingerprints and enrollment information to TSA for security threat assessments (STAs) and Criminal History Record Checks (CHRCs). The system supports slap, flat and rolled prints using virtually all existing live-scan fingerprinting systems.

Attach background documents to submissions. The system also lets you attach documentation such as I-9s and right-to-work documents with the submission. This expedites the review and approval process for fast turnaround of applicant submissions.

Customize and extend to other workforce systems. Telos ID’s ACS solution can be customized to your business processes and provide custom reporting and information exports. The Telos ID ACS platform can also integrate with your other workforce systems to meet additional badging, physical security and personnel administrative needs.

Features and Benefits

  • Process fingerprints and STAs quickly and efficiently
  • Manage insider threats with Rap Back
  • Expedite on-boarding with real-time and combined CHRC & STA submissions
  • Ensure data integrity by eliminating duplicate or erroneous data
  • Eliminate spreadsheets that expose PII
  • NO hidden fees or up-front payments
  • Initial and recurrent training
  • Aviation security policy expertise
  • Automate fingerprint web capture
  • Choose flat or roll fingerprint capture
  • Providing Rap Back and Secure Flight

Customer Service Helpdesk

  • Full service customer support for applicants and system managers
  • 24/7/365 customer care
  • A dedicated account representative
  • Designed for reliable and flexible operations
  • Clear and transparent monthly bills with no reserve account required
  • Over 20 years of continuous operation