Telos ID Aviation Channeling Services

Airports and air carriers: You have a choice for TSA-approved Aviation Channeling Services (ACS)

Telos ID Aviation Channeling Services supports the aviation industry with conducting aviation workers’ required background checks, ensuring the safety and security of U.S. airports and air carriers.

Reduced costs and superior 24/7 customer care

Flexible integration for cross-system data integrity

Engineering for evolving TSA and industry requirements

Enhanced functionality for reporting, scheduling, and authorized signatories

About Telos ID ACS

Aviation Channeling Services (ACS) for Airports and Air Carriers

Telos ID meets the security needs of airports and air carriers with our ACS that sets the standard for excellence and customer-friendly support.

Why Telos ID

Better Service and Improved Performance for Aviation Channeling

Are you looking for a secure, competitively-priced channeling solution, with highly responsive 24/7 customer support, that provides the fastest and easiest submission process available?

Our Customers

The Choice of Over 80 Airports and Carriers

Telos ID Aviation Channeling Services are providing critical security solutions and outstanding 24/7 customer care to an increasing number of customers, enabling the aviation industry to conduct worker vetting securely and efficiently.

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