Mobile Technology Revolutionizes Biometric Screening and Enrollment

April, 16 2012 – St. Michaels, Md., and Ashburn, Va. – Raptor Identification Systems, Inc. (Raptor ID), an industry leader in networked handheld biometric screening and enrollment platforms, and Telos Identity Management Solutions, LLC (Telos® ID), the integrator of record for the world’s largest biometric identity application, have created a strategic alliance to provide customers with RAPTOR ID’s RaptorOne™ and RaptorPad™ solutions for mobile identity enrollment and capture. Available separately or bundled with other Telos ID offerings, Raptor ID solutions will provide the modularity and flexibility to fulfill a wide variety of mission requirements, all in a self-contained, field-ready device.

“RaptorOne and RaptorPad are the perfect complement to other Telos ID offerings,” said Mark Griffin, president and general manager of Telos ID. “These rugged, compact and technologically-advanced all-in-one hardware solutions include everything our customers need to capture, validate and transmit identity and biometric information. We foresee the reliability and flexibility these platforms can offer to the Department of Defense (DoD), federal, state and commercial customers to be invaluable.”

“Raptor ID and Telos ID make a great team,” explained Charles Strasburger, Chairman and CEO at Raptor ID.”Telos ID’s expertise for meeting technology and service demands of the DoD and government markets will align us well. The company’s in-house engineering, manufacturing, fabrication, assembly and support capability, as well as having contract vehicles and established customer relationships in place, make Telos ID the logical choice for a systems integration partner.”

About Raptor ID

Raptor Identification Systems, Inc. is the maker of the RaptorOne™, a revolutionary Android-based smartphone/satphone with full multi-biometric screening capability, and the RaptorPad™, a state-of-the-art tablet with Full Biometric Enrollment capability. Raptor ID’s products are designed for use by DoD, DoJ, DHS, Intel and Federal/State/Local Law Enforcement. They provide robust comms and substantial processing power with the modularity and flexibility to fulfill a wide variety of mission requirements, all in a self-contained, field-ready device. Whether the use case is border and maritime security, emergency response, counter-terrorism operations and activities, or waging asymmetrical warfare in theater, Raptor ID has the ideal biometric solution.

About Telos ID

Telos Identity Management Solutions, LLC (Telos ID) is among the world’s leading providers of identity protection and management solutions to the Department of Defense, the federal government’s National Security community, and commercial enterprises. Telos ID solutions and services offer control of physical access to military bases, office buildings, disaster sites, workstations and other facilities, as well as control of logical access to databases, host systems and other IT resources. Telos Corporation holds a controlling interest in Telos ID. For more information, please visit