Biometric Solutions Meet Bureau’s Image Quality Specifications

ASHBURN, Va. – January 13, 2015 –The Federal Bureau of Investigation Criminal Justice Information Services Division has certified that Telos®ID’s MobileAssure® Fingerprint Web Capture and MobileAssure Universal Enrollment software are in compliance with the Division’s Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System Image Quality Specifications Appendix F.

“Telos ID continues to work closely with the FBI and other law enforcement and security agencies to ensure the quality and accuracy of biometric data,” said Telos ID President Mark Griffin, “enhancing their ability to meet their missions of protecting the American public.”

Representatives of the FBI and the MITRE Corporation’s image processing laboratory in Bedford, Massachusetts, conducted the reviews using the Green Bit DactyScan 84C tenprint and Identification Flats device at 500 ppi without membrane and CrossMatch LSCAN Guardian tenprint and Identification Flats device at 500 ppi with membrane. The certifications cover the software incorporating these devices.

About Telos ID

Telos Identity Management Services, LLC, a TSA-approved Designated Aviation Channeler (DAC), offers a flexible fee structure, exceptional customer service and responsive processing through secure web-based solutions, allowing the aviation industry to more efficiently run their background check and badging operations. Telos ID is among the world’s leading providers of identity protection and management solutions to the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and other agencies in the federal government’s National Security community, as well as commercial enterprises. Telos ID solutions and services offer control of physical access to military bases, office buildings, disaster sites, and other facilities, as well as control of logical access to databases, host systems and other IT resources. Telos Corporation holds a controlling interest in Telos ID. For more information, please visit