About Telos ID

Telos ID (Telos Identity Management Solutions LLC) is among the world’s leading providers of identity and access management solutions.

The Telos ID Difference

Experience and innovation set us apart in identity and access management solutions.

For more than 20 years, Telos ID has protected people, critical facilities, and information assets around the world. We started in 1995 with the largest identity application in the government, assuring the identity of more than 10 million personnel. As the integrator of record for this customer, we gained expertise in biometric and enrollment technologies and solutions.

From there, we formed a relationship with the FBI to perform identity history summary checks (IdHSCs) on individuals. We are one of just 13 FBI-approved channeling partners for fingerprint submission and IdHSC reception.

From this past performance and knowledge base Telos ID was granted Transportation Security Administration (TSA) authority to offer aviation workers’ vetting services – CHRCs, STAs, RAP Back – for U.S. airports and air carriers. Our TSA-approved Designated Aviation Channeling (DAC) service is deployed to airports and air carriers across the U.S. and its territories.

Having won contracts for initial one-time vetting, we are now expanding our offerings and capabilities to provide continuous vetting of individuals. To that end, the FBI and TSA have engaged Telos ID on a pilot basis to be part of the continuous-vetting/always-on FBI Rap Back Program. In addition, due to our reputation with TSA, FBI, and the DoD, we continue to bid on very strategic programs in the United States.

Specialized Capabilities

Our Identity Integrity Center (I2C) provides real-time security and monitoring across critical infrastructure and millions of identities.

Our Technology Support Center (TSC) provides 24×7 customer and technical services to more than three million customers, 3,000 sites, and nearly 300,000 infrastructure components deployed around the world.

Our ID Vetting service includes FBI-approved channeling for Departmental Order Submissions, including FBI-certified identity history summary checks (IdHSCs) and continuous monitoring with FBI Rap Back.

In coordination with the Defense Manpower Data Center for military members, government civil servants, and government contractors, Telos ID manages:

  • the Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS), which provides a physical access control system and fully integrated identity management and authentication system, and
  • the Real-Time Automated Personnel Identification System (RAPIDS), which provides the Common Access Cards (CAC) for access to vital services and systems
  • These systems have captured over 554,000,000 scans.

Our Core Values

As part of the Telos family, Telos ID shares a common culture and consistent values with our parent company, Telos Corporation.

Always with integrity, at Telos ID we:

  • Build trusted relationships
  • Work hard together
  • Design and deliver superior solutions
  • Have fun doing it


At Telos ID, we have built our core values upon a baseline of integrity. We see this as a fundamental, non-negotiable requirement of employment, and an expectation of suppliers, partners, and customers alike—both internal and external. An essential aspect of our brand promise is that we always engage with integrity.

Trusted Relationships

We believe people thrive in an environment that demands mutual respect, so we cultivate these relationships among all with whom we do business. We treat each other courteously, act in good faith, and expect others to do the same.

Collaborative Hard Work

We constantly strive to work as efficiently as possible, investing our resources to optimize results, while seeing collaborative work as a way of life. As individuals working together, we recognize that our actions have a significant impact on everyone around us. We value individual contributions; however, once a direction is set, we execute with single-minded focus.

Superior Solutions

We go beyond simply understanding project requirements and business needs to envision our customer’s mission. This inspires innovation and creativity as we deliver solutions that truly begin and end with the customer. With rich expertise and strong leadership, we exceed our customer’s expectations and consistently deliver cost-effective results.

Fun and Fulfillment

We strive to understand what enriches each other’s lives and offer opportunities for everyone to thrive within a comfortable work environment in uniquely individual ways. Our work is demanding and we encourage humor and fun to relieve the intensity inherent in our business.

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